Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Henley Hope Smith

So I'm really bad at keeping up with putting pictures on my blog but these pictures are for all my sisters who live so far away & haven't seen our little Henley yet. Sorry it took me so long.
Matt is still in Great Lakes Illinois for Navy training but since we have iphones we were able to use face time so that he could be there without being there in the room when I had Henley.
Henley right after she was born. She weighed 7lbs 8oz & was 20 1/2 inches long. Born on March 1st.

Kaiya stayed with aunt Tara while mom & Henley were in the hospital but she was very excited to come and visit her new sister. She loves her so much and always wants to give her lots of kisses.

My mom is my lifesaver, she was my big support when I was in the hospital & made it a little easier to not have my husband there with me. She came and was in the delivery room & used my phone to help Matt be part of the delivery. I also went and stayed at her house for a few days after Henley was born & was able to get some rest while they helped with Kaiya & the baby.

This picture reminds me a lot of Kaiya when she was a newborn.
I forget how small babies are when their first born but I'm reminded when I put her in the carseat and she has so much room in there.
Some of my friends got these glasses for the girls and Kaiya just had to pu them on and take a picture when she saw them.
Kaiya loves taking pictures with Henley.
Both of our girls have feet just like their daddy, I love them.

She is getting a lot more alert the last few days but still no smiling yet, excepte when she has gas, although she looks very close to smiling sometimes.
My beautiful grls.
Matt keeps saying how he can't wait to hold Henley, he's going to love it too because she is such a snuggle bug. He comes home next Tuesday and we can't wait.
I caught her smiling in her sleep & thought it was really cute.
Here is Henley's first bath, she didn't seem to like it very much but I think it was because she was a little cold.
Poor Henley!